Do I Need a Lawyer for a Drunk Driving Accident in Washington?

If a drunk driver who was cited for DUI caused a motor vehicle collision in which you were injured your case will have two distinct tracks: criminal and civil.

A special DUI prosecutor will be assigned to the case to deal with the criminal aspects of the case, such as making sure that the drunk driver is appropriately punished for his or her role in causing the collision. But if you want to seek financial compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages, then you will need to hire a civil attorney.

In order to ensure that you are represented by a lawyer who understands the complexities of personal injury cases that involve a drunk driver, you will want to find an attorney who only represents drunk driving victims.

Why DUI Victims Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Some attorneys who handle personal injury cases will also defend drunk drivers who are facing criminal charges. The problem there is that while that attorney is representing you in a personal injury claim against a drunk driver, he or she may also be defending a person who has committed the same crime as the driver who hurt you.

At Davis Law Group, we only represent victims of drunk driving collisions. Years ago, when I was working as a prosecutor for King County, I worked hard to make sure that drunk drivers were prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Now that I work on behalf of drunk driving, I still have frequent communication with the prosecutors who are handling the criminal component of my client’s cases.

Chris Davis
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