Can Landlords be Held Liable for Injuries from a Dog Bite or Attack?

In most cases, a landlord or property manager cannot be held liable for injuries or other damages resulting from a dog bite or other animal attack. In fact, the Washington Supreme court has held that a landlord cannot be held liable for the harm caused by a tennant's dog, even if the landlord had knowledge of the dog's vicious or dangerous propensities.

Ultimately, responsibility for injuries or other damages resulting from a dog bite or attack is typically going to be placed on the owner of the animal that caused the injuries. If a person is injured in a dog attack that occurred on a homeowner's property, then there is a good chance the damages would be covered under the homeowner's insurance policy.

Renter's insurance policies often cover damages resulting from dog bites and attacks as well. However, the specific types of coverage that were purchased by the renter, as well as any language regarding exclusions from coverage, should be considered if a person wishes to bring a personal injury claim.

Chris Davis
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