What is the Best Way to Document Injuries from a Dog Bite?

One of the best ways to take frequent photos of  the injuries during the recovery phase. Often dog bites cause permanent scarring so the photos may be the best way to show it. 

You should also receive prompt medical attention so a healthcare professional can record the wound and recommend further treatment.  Another concern is disease and/or infection caused from dog bites. You’ll want to know whether a Rabies shot is necessary, and the only way to determine this is to find out if the dog responsible for attacking you is carrying any diseases or infections.

When it comes to pursuing a dog bite claim, the two most absolutely crucial steps to take immediately after the attack are:

Seek medical attention and document all injuries and medical conditions that may potentially be attributed to the dog bite or attack.

Take down contact information for all possible responsible parties, including dog owner, homeowner, and any information regarding homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance. Taking down the dog's name is typically also helpful.

Chris Davis
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