Are minor head injuries worth being concerned about when it comes to Traumatic Brain Injury?

A "minor traumatic brain injury" is a misnomer.  The term "minor" usually refers to the absence of significant clinical findings (like fracture or impalement) and the absence of imaging findings (on MRI or CT scan). But the symptoms form a minor TBI can be debilitating.

Some physicians who treat minor TBI patients report that the minor brain injury is worse than a significant TBI in the sense that the patient will usually have just enough awareness to recognize their symptoms (like cognitive difficulties, memory problems, personality changes, etc.). A person with a minor traumatic brain injury may also face problems with family members and friends who do not recognize the injury at all because the person appears to be fine on the surface. In most minor TBI cases, the victim should be evaluated by a competent neurologist experienced with minor TBI patients and a neuropsychologist who is trained to test for the loss and/or impairment of brain function caused by a minor traumatic brain injury.