Wrongful Foreclosure on Port Angeles Naval officer

Celeste Butler recently filed a lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase bank when they wrongfully foreclosed her father’s house. J.D. Butler, who served in the U.S. Navy for most of his life, passed away last January. In addition to the pain of her father passing, Celeste was shocked and dismayed to learn how her father’s mortgage company treated his Port Angeles home. According to reports from Komo 4 News, drawers were upturned, a china cabinet was broken into, and many priceless items were missing.

J.P. Morgan Chase says that Butler had fallen behind in his payments and that when a loan is delinquent they have the right to initiate action against the loan holder. According to the terms of the mortgage papers, the bank has the right to enter a property if it looks like it was abandoned, and the company insists that the house looked disorganized when they checked on it.

Celeste adamantly denies that her father’s house was in disrepair, stating that she left everything “neat and clean”. Also, she was told that the mortgage was current and was led to believe that she had no reason to worry about the house being foreclosed. After being continually denied answers by Chase, Celeste hired Seattle attorney Chris Davis to help with her lawsuit. She will seek unspecified damages from Chase and two contractors who unlawfully entered her father's home and caused her significant emotional stress.

Her attorney, Chris Davis, who was interviewed by Komo 4 News (see video below), was shocked that "a bank with a good reputation like Chase" would be involved in something like this.

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