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Are You the Victim of a Wrongful Bank Foreclosure?

The foreclosure industry is booming. Banks are seizing American homes at an unprecedented rate throughout the country. The frenzy to foreclose has lead to sloppy bank practices resulting in numerous foreclosures, lock-outs and trash-outs on the wrong home, on homes with paid off mortgages, on homes where a borrower is current on their mortgage payments or are involved in a loan modification agreement with the bank. And once the foreclosure train starts down the track, it is almost impossible to stop.

I am a 36 year old widow, I lost my husband to cancer after almost 20 years of marriage. We owned our home in Longview, WA for 7 years at the time of his death, the house was built for my grandparents in 1969, and had always been family owned. PNC Mortgage lied, refused payment, didn't send information, allowed people in my home without consent, etc. They refused payment stating no paperwork May 2013. This paperwork had previously been sent in October 2012, and there were no problems in between with me making payments, this was unexpected and out of the blue. My probate attorney sent the paperwork two more times, I sent it two more times. It was a toss up each time I called. I fought until January 2014. Home foreclosed April 25, 2014. I couldnt' fight anymore. PNC took everything from me and I am out of work, living with a friend on the couch and my husband beloved dogs are at my moms house an hour away. I had panic attacks having to call them to get information cause I never knew if my husband was alive or dead depending on which file they had when someone would actually talk to me. I need help. I was completely railroaded since the day I reported my husbands death. I just didn't know what to do about it.
by Trish Potter June 14, 2014 at 06:59 PM
lived in home 17 years, wells Fargo stated forcloser after sevral attempts to modifie this loan, they sold it to US bank after that they bought it back, i failed to stop the auction with wells fargo then they took it back as reo and gave us a time frame to move out, this loan is intrest only with a ballon pay off, from 2006, they delayed us to a point we owe this giant rearreg, so for three years they led us and hid the loan, it stated with impac lending then bought by US bank then sold to back to Wells fargo, the trustee leds us on until the bank took it back and forced us to move out with this bad priatory loan what can I do to get my house back
by carl helland August 8, 2013 at 09:40 PM
I had a home foreclosed on in Eatonville, WA while I was deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army. The loaner sold the remainder of the mortgage debt to collections. The loaner was informed I was in Iraq and still foreclosed. I only found this out when I applied for a security clearance and was denied due to the debt. It has damaged my credit and my career with the Army. I've heard of SCRA and the Washington "Anti-Deficiency Statute". Do I have a case?
by Aaron Kearns July 13, 2011 at 09:26 PM
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