Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Yale University

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A 24-year-old student at the Yale School of Medicine was strangled to death in September 2009 by a school employee. The 24-year-old man who reportedly killed her was a lab technician where the young woman performed experiments for her course work. Her body was discovered behind the wall of the lab building.

The wrongful death lawsuit, filed against Yale University, alleges that the school allowed a “culture of tolerance” of aggressive male behavior toward women.

The lawsuit alleges that school representatives created this aggression toward woman.

"Yale knew or should have known that Clark posed a potential threat to the safety of Ms. Le, particularly given that Clark had previously demonstrated aggressive behavior and a violent propensity toward women," the suit further alleged.

It is reported that the man’s ex-girlfriend said that he forced her to have sex.

The suit also charges that Yale took "inadequate steps to insure the safety and security of women on its campus."

Yale has stated that there is no basis for legal action in this matter and that this tragedy could not have been prevented.

The man is sentenced to 44 years in prison after pleading guilty to the medical student’s death.

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