Wrongful Death from Over Capacity on Elevator

A freshman college student was wrongfully killed in an elevator accident at his school.
The lawsuit against Ohio State University settled for $1 million. The victim was pinned and killed when he was trying to escape an overcrowded elevator that was stuck between two floors.

After the wrongful death lawsuit, the university reviewed their elevator upgrade policies as well as emergency calls. The revisions since the accident include all new safety posts outside dorm elevators and education sessions for people to remain up to date on the system’s safety.

Information in the lawsuit stated the school acted negligently in the accident that killed the 18 year old student. The elevator was crowded with 24 people, which exceeded its weight capacity by 1,100 pounds. After the lawsuit being filed, the university that they were not responsible for the wrongful death, as it was at his discretion to get on the overcrowded elevator.

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