Wrecked Car Demonstrates Danger of Texting and Driving

A mother used her daughter’s car as a way to show high school students the dangers of texting and driving.
Her daughter, Heather Lerch died over a year ago while she was texting and driving her Chevrolet Cobalt.

The car is mangled and destroyed, and was used in an effort to warn students of the dangers. The car went on a tour of schools in the Tumwater area, which was sponsored by the State Patrol.

"I was angry that she was texting and driving, and I see so many people doing it," said Heather's mother, Wendy Lerch. "I (wanted) to get her car out there and say, 'This could happen to you.' "

The car was on display at the anniversary of her death at Lake Washington High School. Since her death, the car has traveled to more than 12 schools.

Along with her car, there is also a website, describing her story and discussing the dangers of texting while driving. The website is heathersstory.org.

The 19-year-old girl died when she was on her way home from work and her car drove through a guardrail, killing her instantly. Lerch attended Centralia College at the time.

Lerch’s mother, Wendy Lerch, hope that the continual display of her car will scare people and remind them to not text and drive.

She put a sign on the back of her vehicle saying “Hang up and drive in loving memory of Heather Lerch”. She says that she often times sees people driving and texting and hopes that they see the writing on the back of her car.

“I hope the word gets out” said Lerch.

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