Woman Receives Life-Threatening Injuries from Delivery Truck Accident

NO U-turn

A woman and her boyfriend received life-threatening injuries from a poorly-lit log truck that made a U-turn on the hill in front of them.
The jury awarded the woman in the truck accident $13 million for her life-changing injuries.

The jury found the truck driver and the truck driver’s company at fault for the collision. The Florida Department of Transportation was also cited and at fault for not posting a “No U-turn” sign on the road.

The woman received serious head injuries, was in a coma, and has very little memory the crash. The woman was partially at fault for her injuries to due to her lack of wearing a seat belt. Her boyfriend, the driver of the car, was also found to be partially at fault, but not responsible for the crash.

The mother of the 17 year old victim of serious head injuries said that her daughter has experienced many difficulties since the delivery truck accident.

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