Woman Receives $2.2 Million Settlement After Pit Bull Attack

pit bull attack settlement
A woman attacked by two pit bulls, receives a $2.2 million settlement after suing the dog’s owners and Pierce County.

The Gig Harbor resident, Sue Gorman, still has scars four years after she was attacked. The vicious dogs came into her home while she was sleeping, through a dog door and mauled her while she was in bed.

The 59-year-old woman received serious bites and cuts across her faces and upper body.

The two dogs, Tank and Betty, lived next door when they escaped.

"It's a very, very vicious dog; that was Betty," Gorman said.

According to Gorman and her lawyer, there were 14 reports to animal control and the Sheriff’s Office about problems with Betty, because of lack of record keeping and communication nothing was done about the dangerous pit bull.

The county will pay 42 percent of the $2.2 million and Gorman’s neighbors will be responsible for the rest of the settlement amount.

The settlement amount will help cover her medical and living expenses. Gorman really wants to see changes that will prevent these vicious dogs from being allowed to run loose in neighborhoods.

"I think if animal control knew that there were more complaints about Betty, I think they might have been more likely to do something," Gorman said.

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