Woman killed on SR 99 in Snohomish

Story Highlights:
One dead in Snohomish County accident
Pedestrian collision caused by crossing highway
All northbound lanes were closed temporarily

Date: July 3, 2011
Location: Snohomish County, Washington
Type: Pedestrian accident, Motor vehicle collision
Outcome: One dead

A woman was killed in a pedestrian collision in Snohomish County on Sunday night.

A little after 11 p.m. an unidentified woman was struck and killed on State Route 99. She attempted to cross through the southbound lanes and was struck in the first northbound lane by a 43-year-old man driving home from work. The woman was not at a designated crosswalk.

Washington State Patrol is investigating the accident and has concluded that neither alcohol nor drugs were involved.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics
There was a loss of 4,881 lives in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes in 2005, almost thirteen people every day of the year (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts). Though the number of pedestrian fatalities fell from 5,584 in 1995 to 4,881 in 2005, the fatalities in 2005 were the highest since 4,901 fatalities were recorded in 2001. Fortunately, the number of reported injuries involving pedestrians fell from 84,000 in 1995 to 64,000 in 2005. However, only a fraction of pedestrian crashes that cause injury are ever recorded by the police.

Pedestrian Deaths in 1995: 5,584
Pedestrian Deaths in 2005: 4,881 (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts)
Pedestrian Injuries in 1995: 86,000 (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts)
Pedestrian Injuries in 2005: 64,000 (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts)
According to the National SAFEKIDS Campaign, more than 46,000 children are injured each year in pedestrian accidents

The total cost of pedestrian death and injury among children ages 14 and younger is $5.2 billion per year (Safe Kids Worldwide).
70 percent of pedestrian killed in 2005 were males.
Almost three out of every four pedestrian fatalities occur in urban areas (74 percent).
The top four states for pedestrian fatalities are California, Florida, Texas, and New York. These four states make up 42 percent of pedestrian fatalities nationwide while only accounting for 29 percent of the total traffic fatalities across the country.
Nearly half (48 percent) of pedestrian fatalities occur on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Seattle Pedestrian Accident Attorneys
Chris Davis and everyone at the Davis Law Group sends out their heartfelt condolences for the family and friends of the woman that was lost in this tragedy and hope they can find a knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer that will help settle their case and get them the compensation they deserve for suffering such a tragic loss. Most pedestrian accidents occur on the weekends during the evening hours. Pedestrian accidents in the late afternoon increase when daylight savings time is removed in the winter and the sun sets earlier.If you or a family member has suffered as the result of a crosswalk or pedestrian accident in Washington state, pedestrian accident attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group, P.S. can help you. We are committed to helping injured pedestrians recover the just and fair compensation they are entitled to receive under the law.

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