Woman Catches Roadway Debris Accident on Tape

A woman was filming two trucks on the roadway that were holding up traffic so that she could report them.
Little did she know, she nearly filmed her own death.

Wendy Cobb was filming the truck ahead of her, when a 2x4 kicked up from the roadway and shattered her windshield, barely missing the driver, Cobb. Cobb’s children were not with her, in her Kia Sedona minivan. If someone had been in the passenger seat, the roadway debris accident would have been fatal.

The only injury Cobb received was small cut from the glass. The damage to her van was also minimal to the hood and windshield.

The video that Cobb captured became viral and has been all over the new stations. Cobb says that she has not watched the video since the day of the accident.

The Today Show did a story on the roadway debris accident. Click here to watch the video.

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