Woman and Dog Attacked by Escaped Pit Bull in Queen Anne

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A woman and her dog were walking down Nickerson street in Queen Anne when a pit bull came charging at them.

The woman, Kelli Rader was walking her dachshund dog, Captain when the pit bull jumped up and attacked her dog. Rader said she refused to let go of him. The pit bull tried to pull him down and Rader did her best to protect him but it wasn’t enough.

“The dog dragged us around and made a mess out of us,” she said. “And it grabbed on for more of a secure bite.”

Rader received bruises, punctured wounds, and cuts on her legs, arms and face. The dog sustained a gash on his nose.

Two witnesses, James Lai and Ben Chuter saw the attack take place. They said they didn’t know exactly what was going on but they knew they needed to help stop it. When they got close enough, they saw the pit bull relentlessly trying to attack the dachshund. They grabbed a stick and stepped in to help the woman and her dog.

“We saw the pit bull attacking her dog, and we started beating it until it ran away,” Lai said.
The dog apparently dug a hole under the fence that is around its home and got lose. Rader says that she has seen this dog escape before and tried to alert its owners but nobody was home at the time.

The owner of the pit bull said that she rescued the dog from the pound and it had never hurt a person. However, it has had problems with other dogs before. The owner was tearful and upset.

The investigation of the dog attack is going to be given to animal control. There have been no repercussions for the pit bull at this time.

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