Wilmington Boy Bitten By Dog When Walking to Bus Stop

Wilmington, NC-

A thirteen year boy, Vincent Marchese was bitten by a pit bull on his way to his local bus stop this morning at around 7:30 am. Marchese was then rushed to a local hospital for surgury to deal with his injuries which stretched from his knee to his ankle.

According local Animal Control Services manager, Jean McNeil, an officer went to the dog's home and took the pitbull into custody where it will be confined for ten days, which in dog bite cases is routine.

According to McNeil, animal control has not received prior reports of the dog running loose. She also said investigators suspect children have teased the dog in the past, which would clearly play a role in the behavior of the dog in this case.

McNeil also added that the child’s family has five days to file a dangerous dog report and according to Vincent’s old sister, Theresa Andrade, the family does intend to file a report. Andrade added that she doesn’t want the dog back in the neighborhood. She also said animal control officials told her that if the dog is deemed dangerous it would face restrictions aimed at preventing a future attack, but not be killed.


its me bite boy i i am expecting something to be done about this there are pitbull breaders every where i wasnt even in there yard where this happen
by vincent marchese April 16, 2010 at 09:03 PM
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