What You Didn't Know: Lawyer Advertising, Part 2

Do not be a victim of false lawyer advertisements.
Do your research and choose an experienced attorney.

Here is some information that you may not know, that will shock you:

  • Any attorney can buy a big slick ad in the yellow pages. The phone book company typically does not verify the claims that are being made in the ad. In many cases the phone book company does not even verify that the person is a licensed attorney in good standing. Use caution.

  • A lawyer who advertises does not mean that the lawyer in the advertisement will be the one handling your case. Some lawyers simply run advertisements and then refer out most or all of the clients to other lawyers to do the work in exchange for a referral fee. Such a lawyer essentially acts like a referral broker. Be especially cautious of ads placed by out of state attorneys. Because of state licensing requirements, these attorneys will usually have to refer the case to a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in Washington.

  • A lawyer who purchases full page ads in the yellow pages, or pays for slick T.V. commercials, does not necessarily mean that the lawyer is super successful. Some lawyers who pay for such advertising operate a “volume practice” for the purpose of making just a little money on the numerous cases that are generated from the ad. Many times a “volume practice” attorney tries to settle all or most of the cases to earn the most amount of money in the least amount of time. The only time you may see this lawyer is if his face appears on the advertisement!

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