What You Didn't Know: Lawyer Advertising, Part 1

You need to know a few things about lawyer advertising.
For example, if you look through the yellow pages, you’ll see that the ads placed by attorneys all say essentially the same thing. Very few of them actually give good useful information to make it easier for you to choose a good lawyer for your case. Although the yellow pages are a good place to get names of attorneys, you need to be aware of the following points when it comes to lawyer advertising:

  • There is no rule which requires that the lawyer have a minimum amount of experience handling the case which the lawyer wants to advertise.
  • Although the bar association has rules that govern lawyer advertising, it usually does not actively investigate, restrict or determine whether each lawyer who advertises is a specialist or has experience with the type of case being advertise. This means a lawyer can advertise that she is a “divorce lawyer” or “personal injury attorney” when that lawyer may have limited experience or knowledge of that area of the law.

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