What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Coverage?

PIP insurance coveragePersonal Injury Protection insurance also known as PIP is a specific type of automobile insurance coverage that is designed to pay for medical and other expenses, such as wage loss and funeral expenses, which are the result of an auto accident. It does not matter who is at fault for the accident. If you have PIP coverage it will cover some of these expenses (up to the policy limits).

In Washington State, RCW 48.22.100 (state law) does not require you to have PIP coverage. However the law states that your insurance company is required to offer PIP coverage to you. If you do not want PIP coverage you must reject it in writing. If your insurance company does not obtain a written rejection request from you then they must add the coverage to your policy (you will be charged for it).

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage provides the following minimum benefits:
• Up to $10,000 for medical expenses for each individual injured in an auto accident.
• Up to $200 per week for lost wages (income replacement coverage).
• Up to $2,000 for funeral expenses.
• Up to $5,000 for loss of services (payment to others for work you can't do such as cleaning and yard work).
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