What Does An Auto Defect Lawsuit Entail?

Auto defect lawsuits deal with problems involving product defects and liability.
Generally, product liability law, manufacturers, dealers and distributors can be held responsible for incompetent designs of their product.

State laws differ regarding product liability. Regarding cars and automobiles, manufacturers have to guarantee their product is safe for drivers and occupants if they are to experience an accident.

For example, a driver wants to know that the air bag in their vehicle is going to properly work if they get into a crash. Manufacturers call this “crashworthiness”, meaning that automobile is designed with considerations of consumer’s safety as number one priority.

The manufacturer is subject to lawsuits or product recall when the vehicle does not meet safety requirements under federal standards for safety.

Generally, auto defect cases involve issues in the following defective car parts:

• Air bags
• seat belt
• Accelerators
• Brake system
• Tires
• Vulnerability to rollover
• Seat backs

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