What Do I Do if I Suspect Elder Abuse?


For every case of elder abuse reported to officials – another 12 or 13 cases are NOT.

Does that wake you up?

There are laws against elder abuse in every state yet so many cases are not reported. In some states, the laws for emotional elder abuse are subject to criminal prosecution.

State laws differ on who is required to report suspected elder abuse. These people include emergency personnel, nursing home workers, public officials, medical personnel, peace officers, counselors, clergy and social workers. However, the list is expanding due to the severity of this problem.

Many elderly people do not report the abuse because they are scared of retaliation from the abuser and are worried that no one else will take care of them. And in really devastating cases where the abuser is their child, they may be ashamed to tell anyone of the poor decisions their child is making and they do not want them to get prosecuted or to be in trouble with the law.




How Can I Report Elder Abuse?

If you are the victim of the abuse, make sure you tell someone, at least one person. Therefore this person can help take care of you before the authorities are involved. Tell someone that you trust. There is a hotline for elder abuse. The number is 1-800-677-1116. You will be referred to a local agency that can help you.

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