USPS workers all in support of Dog Bite Prevention Week

If there is one occupation at risk to sustain a dog bite injury, that occupation would certainly be as a Postal Service worker or as they are more commonly known, the mail man or woman. Postal workers are constantly fighting off animals, specifically dogs, as they go through their daily routine and during this year's Dog Bite Prevention Week, they are letting the world know they are tired of it.

In a recent article by the Middletown Journal, the experience of a postal workers is chronicled as one of danger and fright. One account given by a postal tells how he emptied a can of pepper spray on a german shepard but that did little to deter the dog. Another account tells of a postal worker being chase by pit bulls, one the of the most dangerous and aggressive dog breeds.

In 2009, over 2,800 postal workers were bitten by dogs, which when considering how many deliveries are made on a daily basis may seem tame. However, as Postal Service worker Greg Engels says, don't let the numbers fool you.“When you think about how many deliveries we’re doing every day, it might not seem that bad,” Engel said.“But if you’re the one who is getting attacked and bitten, one bite is already too many."

Dog Bite Prevention Week is taking place this week to raise awareness of the seriousness of the dog bites. 4.7 million people sustain dog bite injuries annually, with over 800,000 requiring serious medical attention. With the help of pet owners, as well as families with young children and pedestrians all doing their part to help prevent dog bite attacks, that number can easily be decreased.

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