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Date: June 29, 2010, 06/29/2010

Location: North Bend, King County, Washington

Type: Car Accident, Wrongful Death

Outcome: 2 Dead

According to Washington State Patrol, a vehicle was traveling west near milepost 34 on Interstate 90 near North Bend when it rolled over at about 7:30 a.m., Tuesday morning. There were five people in the car; two were killed in the accident, the other three were rushed to Harborview Medical Center, one in critical condition and the other two with less serious injuries.

A husband and wife from Tacoma were both killed in the accident. The husband, 30, was driving the vehicle, and the wife, 26, was sitting behind him in the car. Passengers included a 20-year-old man and two boys, ages 15 and 4. The four-year-old boy was the child of the couple that was killed in the accident.

Troopers believe that the driver was possibly falling asleep at the wheel because witnesses stated that he was drifting across the freeway and hit a bridge abutment. According to the passengers, the family was on their way home from a camping trip in Eastern Washington.

The accident caused all westbound lanes of I-90 to close. Traffic was rerouted around the scene of the collision using the on and off ramps at the interchange.

Washington State Wrongful Death Law

When someone is wrongfully killed in Washington State the law preserves a cause of action for the benefit of the decedent’s estate. The laws spell out who can make a claim when someone’s death is caused by the wrongful act of an individual or entity. The laws also spell out what elements of damages can be recovered based on the claimants relationship to the deceased.  SeeRCW 4.20.046

Seattle Wrongful Death Attorneys

Everyone at the Seattle wrongful death law firm of Davis Law Group sends our thoughts and prayers to those injured. This accident should never have happened. This is an example of a wrongful death cause in which those injured or the families of the deceased may be able to seek financial damages from the deceased drivers insurance company. They would be well advised to seek the assistance of an experienced and skilled wrongful death attorney.


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