Two injured in head-on collision on Hwy 155

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Two injured in Elmer City car accident
Motor vehicle collision cause unknown

Date: January 23, 2011, 01/23/2011
Location: Elmer City, Okanogan County, Washington
Type: Car accident, Motor vehicle collision
Outcome: Two injured

Two males were airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center after being involved in a head-on collision while driving Highway 155 north of Elmer City on Sunday.

Lyle Dean Redthunder, 27, was heading south and Willis Lee Quill, 20, was heading north on Highway 155 when their cars collided. Both vehicles were destroyed.

Redthunder suffered facial injuries while Quill sustained injuries to his head, hip and leg. They were both airlifted to Spokane following the collision. Washington State Patrol has not disclosed the cause of the accident.

Information About Head-On Collisions
These kinds of accidents are the most rare, only taking up 2% of car crashed in the U.S. (according to the NHTSA) but they are the most deadly because of the extreme force the impact has on both cars and their drivers. If two cars are going 50mph and collide head-on, the impact is the same as if they were traveling at 100mph. Tis is according to the law of Momentum conservation: In a collision occurring between car 1 and car 2, the total momentum of the two vehicles before the collision is equal to the total momentum of the two vehicles after the collision.

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