Two Families Tragically Brought Together by Fatal DUI Accidents

drunk drivers kill two innocent people
Two separate families were at Snohomish County courthouse yesterday, fighting for justice on behalf of their lost loved ones.

Meghan Stivers was killed by a drunk driver on July 29.
"I wake up every morning and I cry," said Meghan's mom, Jan Stivers. "I go home every night and I cry."

A driver of a pickup truck was trying to run from Marysville police when he hit two cars, crossed traffic, jumped a sidewalk and crashed into the victim’s vehicle.

The man convicted of killed her daughter; 45-year-old Randy Sedy was arrested. Jan spoke at the bail hearing for Sedy.

"I am pleading that this man not be released on bail," she told the court.

Documents show that his blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. Deputies explained that he was not arrested earlier for fear that they did not have enough information to build a case.

The man also had a prior DUI conviction six years ago.

"Based on prior DUI of having a .27 (BAC) and this time having a .30, he has no regard for anyone except himself," Jan Stivers said.

Among this tragic story, another family was also seeking justice for DUI.

A man was killed a driver drunk on beer and high on heroin and marijuana.

"(The driver) was beyond belief intoxicated, drugged up," said Heather Arnold, the victim’s daughter. "Doesn't even remember any of it."

The man was picking up his daughter to bring her to work when a man hit him before he even turned into her driveway on March 17.

"I can't bring dad back but (the driver) needs to go to jail," Heather Arnold said. "He's got a rap sheet like there's no tomorrow."

The driver received a 5-year sentence.

The families now share an unbearable bond.

The families were introduced and now share an unbearable bond.

Davis Law Group sends sincere condolences to both families who tragically lost their loved ones. As a DUI victim's law firm, we understand the complete anguish and saddness that comes with these accidents. We truly hope that you can be there for each other for these difficult days to come.

Washington State Fatal Drunk Driving Death Statistics

In 2008, 255 people in Washington State lost their lives in fatal alcohol related motor vehicle collisions. One hundred eighty-two (182) of those accidents involved a drunk driver whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.08 or higher. In Washington State, 34% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes involve a driver that was under the influence of alcohol.

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