Truck Collided With Amtrak Train and Killed Two

A semi-truck hit an Amtrak passenger train that killed the truck driver, one person on the train, and injured 20 others who escaped the crash. The injured victims were taken to nearby hospitals.

Majority of the injuries were not life threatening. Two people were in critical condition, four were in serious condition and three were in fair condition. There were 204 passengers and 14 crew members on the train. More than 10 people were admitted to the emergency room.

"We're seeing the typical kinds of injuries you see in an accident like this - blunt force trauma, fractures, abrasions, lacerations and internal organ injuries," spokesman for Renown Regional Medical Center Dan Davis told The Associated Press.

According to a source, the railroad crossing gates and warning lights were working properly.

Witnesses told authorities that the truck didn't seem to attempt to stop at the crossing and crashed through the gate. The driver was the only occupant on the semi truck that contained two empty gravel trailers behind it.

A passenger on the truck said that they hit the fourth car on the train. Two of the cars caught fire.

Investigators will look at the truck driver's driving and medical records, as well as autopsy results to determine whether any drugs were involved, said NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson. They'll also check to make sure railroad lights and crossing gates were working, he added.

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