Trespassing Man Attacked by Four Pitbulls in Backyard

Pit bull attack in Rainier Valley
Wednesday night a man was attacked by four pit bulls in the Rainier Valley area, after he jumped a 10-foot fence to trespass in a family’s back yard.

According to Seattle police, it seemed that the intruder was trying to break into two cars in the backyard of the home. The 21-year-old clearly did not plan on seeing two pit bulls when he jumped the fence.

The four pit bulls caused injuries to the man’s arms, ears, face and legs. Once the homeowner heard the commotion, he called for the dogs and they returned to their kennel.

A passer-by was flagged down by the homeowner and he called 911. The man was unable to walk. Once medics arrived, he was transported to Harborview Medical Center. His injuries are considered non-life- threatening.

Police want to request charges of criminal trespass against the man. The dogs remained at home with their owner.

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