Tour Buses Put on "Alert Status" Are Dangerous to Passengers

Two tour bus companies have not received full safety audits in more than two years - which is just a start to the problem.
Roadside inspections have found issues that were very serious and would have put the companies in a category called “alert” status. There are several tour bus companies that have been cited for safety violations. This creates a higher safety risk to passengers, the agency says.

There is a list of 433 companies in the United States that are marked in the system as on alert status. Alerts are based on inspections of buses and drivers in the previous two years that found repeated or serious safety violations. This does not demonstrate safe decision making on part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal agency that oversee bus and truck safety.

Super Luxury Tours was audited in January 2009. Since their audit, they have received 33 citations for violations, including 16 related to driver fatigue and six for speeding.

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