Swimming Pool Company Charged with Death

David Lionetti, president of a swimming pool company, is being charged with the wrongful death of a 6 year old boy.
The defendant pleaded guilty for criminal negligent homicide for not installing a state-mandated safety device. The company he owns, Shoreline Pools, pleaded guilty to second-degree man slaughter. The company is to pay $150,000 to use toward water safety advertisements. The boy’s arms got stuck in a drain due to the failure of the safety device being installed. The past president of the company testified and said that he told the Lionetti about the new state law as a part of an awareness campaign the trade group conducted. Many of the employees for the company also attended trade shows every year where the devices were displayed and marketed.

Lionetti will complete 500 hours of community service and repair 100 swimming pools that to comply with legal requirements.

Around the country, more than 150 cases have been reported of swimming pool drain entrapments. There have also been 48 reported deaths associated with these same issues. However, this is the first case where criminal charges were in place for wrongful death in swimming pool.

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