Suspected Drunk Semi Truck Driver Causes 6-Car Accident on I-405

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A semi truck driver was suspected to be drunk when he caused a crash that threw debris onto I-405 early this morning. The debris on the roadway caused a huge back up and many cars were damaged.

The truck driver was heading westbound when he lost control on the ramp to I-405 heading south. He ran into a light pole and concrete barrier. The force of the truck caused pieces of the pole and chunks of cement to fall onto the freeway causing a six-car collision, trooper Julie Startup said.

A woman went into labor while she was struck in the backup and medics were called. All of the injuries from the crash were minor.

Southbound on 405 on was closed for more than five hours while the debris from the accident was cleaned up.

It was also suspected that the truck driver may have fallen asleep.

Davis Law Group is relieved that no one was seriously injured in this preventable accident.

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