Support Your Seattle-Area Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Drive safe, sover and buckled up.

drunk driving victims rights attorneyIn Washington state, over half of deaths involving a young driver were in rural areas (648 of 1,142; 56.7%). Combining rural and urban roadways, county roads accounted for 37.3% (426 of 1,142) of all young driver involved deaths.

The Seattle-area chapter of MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants to save lives in Seattle by reducing the number of drunk driving collisions in Seattle and the surrounding communities.

MADD helps survivors live through free victim support services offered by trained victim advocates and a 24 hour helpline.  1-877-MADD-HELP. 

Seattle-area victims support advocates help drive awareness campaigns, deliver educational programs in elementary schools and high schools, and directly work with victims. In Seattle MADD's programs are managed by an all-volunteer staff and funded by the generousity of individual donations.

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