Sodo on ramp to be closed for next Year and Half

For the next year and a half the on ramp to the West Seattle Freeway at Spokane street and 1st Avenue will be closed for construction. This may equal extreme delays for commuters from the Sodo area who are headed to West Seattle.

What crews will be doing is widening lanes and adding an eastbound lane and building on and off ramps at First Avenue as well as Fourth Avenue. In addition, crews will be making sure the structures are more seismically sound which means some streets will be narrowed to one lane.

As with any construction project, delays while passing through this area are to be expected. There will be no access to the viaduct from Spokane street so cars will be detoured to level swing bridge to get to West Seattle.

Fortunately, both projects should be done in 2012. In the mean time, Seattle Department of Transportation recommends using the First Avenue South Bridge or I-5.

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