Snowboarder Hospital Release after a TBI in Pre-Olympic Crash

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce was released from the inpatient traumatic brain injury program at Craig Hospital. Pearce suffered the injury while  training to compete in this years Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately, Pearce crashed in Park City, Utah during a half pipe training session in January and was unable to compete in the Olympics.

Pearce was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash but was impacted just above the eye causing him to be knocked unconscious and resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

Pearce will be returning to a home that his family has been staying in while he continues to do out patient therapy before he returns to his permanent home in Vermont.

On average, there are 39 deaths per year from snow sporting accidents. Even though Pearce was wearing a helmet, he still suffered a traumatic brain injury which serves as a further reminder of the dangers of snow sports particularly for those who are pushing the limits of the sport.

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