Snohomish County Man Dies From Fatal Dog Bite Infection

Seattle dog bite attorney Christopher Davis has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Snohomish County Superior Court against the owners of a dog that was allowed to roam free and bite two men one of whom later died.  Aaron Bock, Personal Representative of the Estate of Kenneth D. Bock, Plaintiff, vs. Konrad and Phyllis Haskins, Defendants, Snohomish Co. Cause #10-2-07346-7. 

The complaint alleges that Haskins had prior knowledge that the dog had vicious and/or dangerous propensities that could lead to an attack on humans since the dog had previously bitten, injured or acted aggressively toward other people.  By failing to control the dog the defendants were willfully putting the public in danger.

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Mischelle Davis
Davis Law Group's Director of Operations & Client Communications
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