Shoreline Man Injured When Texting Driver Causes Rearend Collision

On 8/7/10 a full-time student at Shoreline Community College was rear-ended and suffered neck and back injuries as a result of the collision. This unfortunate accident could have been prevented. To make sure he receives the compensation he deserves, this man hired Car Accident Attorney Chris Davis to help him with his case.

Washington State has very strict laws against distracted driving. Sending text messages on a cell phone or other mobile device while driving a motor vehicle is against the law. And drivers who wish to talk on a cell phone must use a hands-free device so they are not distracted by their mobile phone while driving a vehicle. These laws exist because distracted driving is a real threat.

Seattle Accident Attorney Chris Davis of the Davis Law Group frequently handles motor vehicle accidents and/or rear-end collisions that were caused by a distracted driver. If you have been injured by a driver who was talking on a cell phone or texting while driving at the time of the accident we can help you get justice for your case and financial compensation or your injuries.
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