Semi-Truck Accident on I-5 near Chehalis

Type: Car Accident

Date: March 25, 2010, 03/25/10

Location: I-5 near Chehalis

Outcome: One Injured

A four semi-truck accident on I-5 near Chehalis left the freeway blocked early Thursday morning.

Only one person suffered from minor injuries and was taken to Centralia Providence Hospital to be treated.

According to Washington State Patrol, the accident took place at Milepost 62 about six miles south of the junction with U.S. 12.

The accident took place when one semi traveling in the right lane of southbound I-5 slowed due to poor visibility in heavy rain. The second truck rear-ended the first, blocking the freeway. A third truck attempted to avoid the accident and instead drove off the road into the mud. A fourth semi hit the Jersey barrier after also attempting to swerve and miss the accident.

Fortunately, none of the trucks lost loads or turned over.

It took almost 3 hours to clean up the accident and open I-5 again.

Semi truck accident statistics show that there are about 500,000 truck accidents each year in the United State alone. Twelve percent of all traffic accidents are involving semi trucks

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