Semi-truck accident blocks Hwy 2 near Skykomish

Story Highlights:
Semi-truck accident near Skykomish
Jackknifed semi blocked Highway 2 for hours

(picture courtesy of Washington State Patrol)

November 30, 2010, 11/30/2010
Location: Baring, Skykomish County, Washington
Type: Semi-truck accident
Outcome: None injured

Late Tuesday morning, a semi-truck jackknifed on Highway 2 blocking both lanes for several hours. No one was injured in the accident. Washington State Patrol said that the snow and ice on the roads contributed to the cause of the collision. Authorities continued to investigate the accident well into the afternoon.

Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys
Unfortunately, as the weather changes accidents like these become more common. Drivers of cars and semi-trucks alike are unaccustomed to the new driving conditions and overestimate the ability of their vehicles in extreme weather. It is important to remember that despite having four-wheel drive, studded tires, or even chains, they do not give one complete immunity from accidents. When there is snow and ice on the roadways it is always best to drive below the speed limit, give other vehicles plenty of room, and pay extra attention when turning, braking or accelerating. Chris Davis and everyone at the Davis Law Group hopes that you will drive safely during this winter season!

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