Semi Rolls over on I-5 Near City Center | Bellevue Accident Attorney

Date: May 18, 2010
Location: Interstate 5 near the Seattle City Center
Type: Motor Vehicle Accident, Truck Accident
Outcome: TBD

For the second day in row, a semi truck has rolled over in Western Washington. Today, a semi is reported to have rolled over on the Interstate 5 in Seattle near the city center causing serious traffic back ups. Information on this accident, such as what may have caused it and if anyone has been injured is still limited.

Yesterday a semi rolled over on Interstate 5 near Everett as it was trying to get on Highway 2. The accident cause the semi, which was carrying grain, to spill all over the highway exit and cause serious delays for quite some time. Although the driver was said to be severely injured, none of his injuries were classified as life threatening.

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