Seattle Columnists Calls for Stricter DUI Consequences

In his column on the Komo 4 News website, columnist Ken Shram posed the question, "What exactly should we do?" referring the recent string on drunk driving accidents. In his column, Shram outlines three major changes to the system that we have in place right now in hopes of being a serious detractor to those who are even considering getting behind the wheel after drinking.

The overarching theme of Shram's article is harsher consequences as a response to the recent string of injuries and deaths that have taken place because someone chose to be irresponsible. When two high school seniors are killed just days before they graduate because a drunk driver runs into them on the freeway and we as a society are barely affected because this is nothing new, the system we have in place needs to examined.

Are we as a community, and a nation, doing everything we can to prevent these needless deaths? Shram does not think we are and suggests the following be the changes be made:

1.  Prosecutors stop dealing down DUI's to reckless driving or some other, lesser charge. If you get caught driving drunk, you are given no slack. We have created this thought that somehow getting a DUI is not a big deal. That needs to change.

2. Toughen the DUI laws. First offense: 30 days work release/house arrest with a monitoring bracelet, $2,500 fine and six months loss of license. Second offense: 1 year in jail, $5,000 fine and 2 years loss of license. Third offense: 2 years in prison, $10,000 fine and 2 years loss of license.

3. When a serious injury or death results, ratchet up the law to where significant prison time results.

While these suggestions may be far more extreme than what we have now, that is the point. We have a serious in the Seattle area right now and changes need to be made.

Everyone at Davis Law Group,  is shares the belief that a change needs to be made, but we want to here from you. If you have any suggestions please let us know what you would do to change our current DUI system.

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