Seattle Broadens Dangerous Dog Ordinance

dangerous dog ordinance law in seattle, wa

The City of Seattle has amended a city ordinance in an effort to make it much easier for animal control officers to deal with dangerous dogs. The ordinance broadens the scope of which dogs can be euthanized or banished after an attack.

On June 28, 2011, KOMO4 News interviewed Seattle dog bite attorney Chris Davis and Animal Control Officials for its report, Seattle broadens dangerous dog ordinance, on the new guidelines.

Prior to Monday the city's dangerous dog ordinance was narrowly-written and defined a dangerous animal as one that had actually killed someone or caused serious injuries such as several broken bones and/or disfiguring cuts.

However many dog attack victims have injuries that are far less severe but which still require medical attention. The new description makes it easier to hold the dog owners accountable.

Under the new scope one broken bone, a relatively sizable flesh wound, or nerve damage will be suffecient enough to require that a dog be banished from the city or put to sleep.

Dog bite victim's rights attorneys frequently represent victims and many think that the law will have an impact in the community.

In 2010 there were hundreds of dog bites reported to Seattle Animal Control. But only sevent dogs were declared "dangerous dogs" and either euthanized or sent outside the city.
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