Safety Tips for Motorists to Avoid Bicycle Collisions

Since we are now in summer months, and the sun is shining, people are using bicycles as their form of transportation (not to mention avoiding those steep gas prices). While many roads have bicycle lanes and sidewalks to ride on, drivers still need to be more cautious of bicyclists during these summer months.

Although many car drivers do not acknowledge this law, bicycles are legally considered vehicles on our roadways in Washington State. Not only should bicyclists be respected on the road, but they should also be praised for “living green”.

Here are some safety tips for motorists to follow in order to avoid collisions with bicyclists:

1. Expect cyclists to be on the road, instead of looking at it like a hassle. Treat them as slow-moving vehicles.

2. Be very cautious when making turns, as a bicyclist may be to the right or left of you and is planning to go straight.

3. BE COMPLETELY SURE that you can safely pass a bicyclist before you do. They are not like a car, they may feel in danger and swerve out of the way, which can cause an accident.

4. Do not tailgate a cyclist.

5. It is very crucial to double check for bicyclists when backing out of places. Especially since it is summertime, there are many children on bikes driving through neighborhoods, so be especially careful when pulling out of your driveway.

6. Do not honk at cyclists.

7. Most importantly, be patient.

If you are one of those drivers who are very impatient with bicyclists, we suggest that you bike somewhere so that you can understand what they have to deal with as well. Not only will you be helping the environment, you will gain appreciation for the bicyclists on the roadway.

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