Road Rage was a Factor in the DUI Collision

Road-rage was a factor in the collision that killed a loving husband, father and hard working Google employee. The drunken man who hit Steve Lacey in Kirkland, has been released from jail.

Lacey was driving his BMW on his way to Costco when a Hyundai SUV driven by Patrick Rexroat crossed the center lane and killed him at NE 85th and Interstate 90.

Rexroat’s BAC measured four times the legal limit – 0.328 – at the time of the arrest.

Prosecutors set his bail at $1 million until investigating his record and finding no traces of any criminal behavior. His bail was then lowered to $50,000.

The 56-year-old man accused of Lacey’s death was apparently in a road-rage dispute when he hit Lacey on Monday night.

If you want to make a donation to Lacey’s children, a trust fund has been created at as Chase bank. You can go to any Chase bank and it is under the "Children's memorial trust of Steve Lacey" account.

What is Road Rage?

In simplest form, road rage occurs when a driver reacts angrily to other rivers on the roadway that have cut them off, been tailgating their vehicle, and/or gesturing or waving fists at them. In the worst cases of road rage, the driver attempt to injure the other driver in an attempt to “get even.” Road rage is actually an expression of an underlying problem with the driver. Road rage clearly demonstrates that the driver is not able to control themselves and/or their emotions.

Information and Statistics on Road Rage  

According to statistics, young men are the most prone to road rage behavior. In fact, 56 percent of the men that were surveyed said they experienced rage on a daily bases, in comparison to 44 percent of the woman. More men also admitted to retailing against other drivers when they felt upset or provoked in some way.

The employees at Davis Law Group are immensely saddened by the Lacey family's loss. We send prayers to all that were lucky enough to have known this loving man.

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