Report Dangerous Roadway Debris to Prevent Accidents

roadway debris

There were large items left in the middle of a roadway that caused major problems for drivers, Police say.

There were large items left for a few nights in a row. Why weren’t they picked up or reported? A police officer crashed his car into a pile of cinder blocks that were left in the roadway. The following day, a woman driving her car flipped after hitting a wheelbarrow in the same location that the officer crashed.

The area is being patrolled for roadway debris spillage. Neither victims of the roadway debris were severely injured.

Police officers want to remind people to report any roadway debris that is a threat to drivers.
Truck drivers are consistently reminded and warned to keep their loads secure. However, if one item slips it can prevent a big mess. Please call 911 if there is roadway debris that should be picked up. Also, if you are the driver of a truck and realize that items in your load are unsecured, please report it. You do not want to be the reason you are putting someone’s life at danger.

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