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Many car accidents are caused by people talking to other passengers while driving, and others due to drivers playing with the radio while driving. A large percentage is because of eating or drinking while driving, and 25% of car accidents are caused due to talking on the mobile phone while at the wheel of the car. These car accident statistics are sad enough on their own, the saddest part being that they could have easily been avoided had drivers been paying more attention to driving and less to other activities.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are about 43,000 people killed in fatal car accidents each year in the United States. Roughly, 40 percent of the fatal crashes are alcohol-related. In addition to fatal accidents, about 2.9 million people are injured each year.

In 2005, there were almost 6.5 million automobile accidents in the United States. The cost of these crashes totaled more than $230 billion. Almost 3 million people were injured and more than 45,000 died. On average, another person dies in a car crash every 12 minutes in this country - that's approximately 123 deaths per day.

Renton is famous for its deadly S-curves on Interstate 405.  This common commuter route is known throughout the metro Seattle area as one of the most dangerous sections of roadway in tWashington state.  Not only does the curving highway cause long commutes but the high number of motor vehicle accidents contributes heavily to long drive times for I-405 commuters. 

During daily rush hour rear-end accidents are common.  Many business commuters are distracted by their mobile phones, attempt to read email messages, and try sending a text message while driving.  And distracted driving in these types of condistions is an accident waiting to happen.

On-ramps, off-ramps interchanges, and traffic moving in and out of high occupancy vehicle lanes at high speeds are another common source of accidents.

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