Record Results from Action Againt Unsafe Motorcoaches

Roadcheck 2011 started last month with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Anne Ferro.

"We will not tolerate unsafe carriers that endanger the public." Today, the FMCSA released numbers that prove it.

This calls for surprise inspections on motor coach vehicles with full compliance reviews and enforcement actions. Department of Transportation has issued many imminent hazard orders placing unsafe buses and truck companies out of service. The FMCSA issued 14 hazards orders from 2000 and 2009, placing unsafe buses out of service.

There have already been another 14 buses placed in this category, in the last year and a half alone – eight of which being issued in the past four months.

These orders follow investigations that found that these motorcoaches have violated safety regulations. Just last month, the FMCSA found a company in Michigan transporting passenger in luggage compartments.

Motorcoach roadside inspections have increased nearly 100 percent – 12, 991 to 25,703 inspections from 2005 to 2010.

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