Police Search for Medically Fragile infant taken from Skagit Hospital

An infant was taken from the nursery by the infant's mother at 5:12 am this morning. The infant has been classified as "medically fragile" by Kari Ranten, public information officer for the hospital.

The mother who has been identified as Nicole Hulse, 25, gave birth to the baby boy 17 days ago. He has been in level 2 nursury due to his medically fragile state, however it is unknown as to whether the boy was prematurly born or not.

Mount Vernon police said Hulse and a man came into the hospital, entered the nursery and cut off the baby's ankle bracelet, triggering the alarm. Nurses pleaded with Hulse not to take the baby but she and the man left the hospital with the baby.

Police say they have been in contact with the man by cell phone, because of that have chosen to not issue an AMBER alert. Police also sais Child Protective Services had been involved in the woman's life prior to her giving birth, but they would elaborate any further.

The car the couple was driving is described as being a gold, 1998 Olds Integris, Washington license number 749 ZMT. If you have seen this car or have any additional information that would be helpful please report it as soon as possible.

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