Pit bulls kill two family dogs in Mt Vernon | Bellevue Lawyer

MT. VERNON, WA-- On a normal day, two pit bulls known as King and Lola are two of the nicest dogs that you can come into contact with. Unfortunately, they do not have much longer to enjoy their lives because they are scheduled to be euthanized.

The two pit bulls are being put down because they killed a Chihuahua mix of a Mt. Vernon man. "I mean, these two dogs, these bullies came in and took his friend," said Marshall Davis, whose pet dog was killed by the pit bulls, leaving his other dog without a companion.

Davis' dogs were on the family patio when the two pit bulls approached. Somehow one of his small dogs was able to get through the patio fence and was attacked by the pit bulls. Unfortunately, the King and Lola's attack on neighborhood did not end there. They later attacked a small terrier mix that was leashed in its own backyard. Clearly, neither of these two dogs were any match for the two pit bulls and as a result of their rampage the pit bulls lives are going to be cut short.

According to Lieut. Chris Cammock, detectives are still working to determine how the pit bulls escaped from their home."Right now, what I learned from the owner is that the dogs were inside her house and somehow the dogs got out. We don't know how at this point. The owner doesn't know," he said.

In accordance with Dog Bite Prevention Week, this story serves as a sobering reminder that no matter how friendly or harmless you may think that your dog is, it is really impossible to know what your dog is or is not capable of. Ensuring the safety of others that may come into contact with your pet is the most important thing a dog owner can do. That entails proper training, making sure that your dog is socialized around other people, and making sure that your dog cannot get loose and do what these two pit bulls have done. Preventing dog bite injuries and attacks is something we all need to make a priority in order to reduce the number of attacks.
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