Pit Bull Attacks on Children: The Most Common Type

Young children are the most frequent casualties of dog attacks Although other breeds of dogs most certainly wound young kids the injury that is inflicted by pit bulls tends to be more brutal, most often requires hospitalization, is more likely to require facial surgery, and most frequently requires the support of a dog bite attorney.

Children seen in emergency departments were more likely than older persons to be bitten on the face, neck, and head. 77% of injuries to children under 10 years old are facial. Young children are at the highest possible risk for dog bites in the summer season. This is perhaps due to the fact that children spend more time outside playing with dogs in warmer months. Or it may be because children are spending more time in greater proximity to pet dogs during the months when they are not in classes.

The most typical sites of dog bites in children are to the scalp and throat were the cheeks (34 percent), lip area (21 percent), and nose and ears (both 8 percent). Sixty-four percent of the children suffered dog bite injuries in more than one part of their body, and the general wound size was 7.15 centimeters. Pit bulls were the type most commonly involved in attacks. A study of dog bite fatalities spanning 1979 through 1996 showed that the pit bulls were the most deadly.

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