Over the Counter and Overly Abused

Medicine can either be over-the-counter or prescribed. You commonly categorize prescribed medications with strong and possibly harmful drugs that should not be accessible to the public. But are over-the-counter drugs safe enough to be on the shelves?

In reality, some over-the-counter medicine as well as herbal remedies can actually be more harmful than one might think, if not taken properly. Cough medicine that contains Dextromethorphan can have very serious health effects if it is not taken as directed. Liver damage can be extensive and death has also been reported. If the dosage is increased, the effects that teenagers are trying to achieve are comparable to PCP and ketamine, which is an animal tranquilizer.

Acetaminophen, a pain killer found in many of the same over-the-counter drugs, reportedly causes more than 56,000 emergency hospital visits each year due to overdosing.

The reason teens take these drugs for recreational use include the desire get high or buzzed, for sleep problems, concentration lapses, and to help cure pain that is caused from other substances. These are not appropriate uses for these medications.

By using these drugs in an irresponsible manner, you are exposing yourself to very harmful risks. Know the facts; click here to read a full article on this issue.

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