One Man Drowns After Falling of His Paddle Board in Lake Washington

A paddle boarder on Lake Washington died after drowning. Two witnesses of his struggle pulled him to shore and gave him CPR until medics arrived, but he did not survive.

Tyrone Fabroa, 35, fell off his board near David Brink Park in Kirkland.

A man in a nearby condo yelled to Fabroa and asked if he was OK on the waters, when he yelled back and said he was fine. His brother yelled for help later.

The men that originally asked if they were OK, rushed to the scene with snorkel gear to rescue the man.

"I jumped back in, see him at the bottom of the lake, pulled him up," Uryah Messmer said.

A lifelong swimmer and lifeguard trainer Pete Robertson said he took over.

"I started CPR at that point," Robertson said. "I couldn't get a pulse and he wasn't breathing. But as we were doing CPR, we could hear him breathing -- exhaling -- so we knew the CPR was working."

Police and medics arrived and took over. They were pleased that the two males did all that they were capable of to help him.

"We want to thank them for doing that," said Detective Allan O'Neill of the Kirkland Police Department. "It takes a lot to go into the water when it's wavy like that, to actually try to save a person, which in this case -- let's hope -- that's what happened."

Fabroa was transported to Evergreen Hospital in critical condition. He later died there.

Davis Law Group sends their condolences to the family and friend of Tyrone Fabroa. May your love strengthen you in this difficult time.

Drowning Statistics

Unintentional deaths by drowning are much more common when people are swimming. In 2007, there were 3,443 people who drowned in non-boating accidents compared to 496 people who drowned in boating accidents. Usually, children 14 and younger most commonly drown with a ratio of about one in five people. Accidental drowning is the second-leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14. Children are not the only ones who should be taken into account. Adults should also take precaution when getting into the water. In 2009, there were 4,720 boating accidents and 3,358 boaters were injured and 736 boaters died. Although adults, especially males, have better swimming skills, it is still crucial to wear a life jacket while out on open water.
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