Nurse Commits Suicide After Medical Mistake Kills a Baby

A nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital committed suicide after accidentally overdosing a baby with medication.

Registered nurse Kimberly Hiatt overdosed a nine month with 10 times too much calcium chloride. According to news reports this was the "only serious medical mistake she’d ever made, public investigation records show."

Hiatt was employed at Seattle Children’s for 24 years before her termination from the overdose. She was also put on four year probation and required to take a medicine dosage course.

“She was devastated, just devastated,” said Lyn Hiatt, 49, of Seattle, Kim’s partner and co-parent of their two children, Eli, 18, and Sydney, 16. Hiatt went to Pacific Lutheran University and then attended the University of Washington’s nursing school.

The medical examiner confirmed that Hiatt committed suicide by hanging.

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